teaguava asked:
Hey I saw that tan line artwork you did . I do art at school and my major task is a self portrait.I was thinking about doing something similar to that

Cool, go for it! And yeah I actually did that for a “headless self portrait” assignment!

Anonymous asked:
I check your blog every day! It makes me so happy and motivates me to be a better swimmer every morning! Im only 13 but your my inspiration to become a great swimmer and to even help other swimmers!

Aw this made my day thank you so much!

swimpaincore asked:
Hey i'm from Germany and maybe u can help me. I want so Study a While in the USA and want to Finance this plan with a scholarship But im Not Sure of its Realistic... Here some of my time's LCM 50 free 24.19 100 free 54.00 50 fly 26.43 100fly 59.87 50 back 29,46 100 back 1.01.23 I Train 6 hours a week and i know its not much but thats Why i want to Study in the USA to improve my Swimming and find my Limit. What u think? How possible is it to get a scholarship ?

Very possible! Those times are amazing!

diamond-you-left-in-dust asked:
Did you know that it's 30 times easier to survive swim practice if you are with your budies It is really hard when you're alone

Yes true

diamond-you-left-in-dust asked:
i love your blog so much Can i ask you few questions? 1. What would you swim 800 m freestyle vs 200 m fly? 2. What is your style? 3. Can you please follow me? 4. How ya doin?

Thanks so much! 1. 800 Free!!!!! I hate 200 fly. 2. Style like stroke? Sprint freestyle. 3. I’d be happy to check out your blog :) 4. Pretty good! I am at work though and very bored so if you guys want to send me messages that would be cool

Anonymous asked:
The guy tapper on so you think you can dance swims

ahh thank you